Nutraceuticals is one of the booming markets in India. The nutraceutical market is pegged at Rs 44 billion, and is still evolving. Nutraceuticals are gaining acceptance for their ability to address several diseases. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients constitute about 85% of the global market while antioxidants and anti-ageing agents account for 10%. Other segments such as herbal extracts occupy 5% of the market, globally.


At JSS Medical Research India Ltd. (formerly Max Neeman International), our exclusive nutraceuticals team helps you navigate the stringent nutraceutical regulatory guidelines and implements the latest advances in R&D techniques to drive your nutraceutical product development. We have an experienced team consisting of specialized and experienced endocrinologists, nutritionists and dietitians with sound experience in executing nutraceutical studies and implementing best practices to ensure flawless execution of ambiguous local and global nutraceutical regulations.


The nutraceuticals team has conducted trials in the areas of pediatric dietary supplements, functional foods and preoperative infusion of omega 3 fatty acids.


Along with prior experience of conducting nutraceutical trials, the specialized Max Neeman International team and services adds an enhanced level of company expertise in conducting simple to complex nutritional studies. We are one of the few CROs in India which have been structured to serve the special interests of the nutraceutical industry.